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As well as the houses, even the boats need an adequate cleaning, perhaps even more accurate, considering the long period of winter storage, during which, although well guarded within our spaces, they await your return completely closed.
We at Mithomar strive to sanitize, remove, wash and reupholster all cushions and the most varied furnishing fabrics.

In the living area, our main commitment is to provide for the emptying of the galley and possibly, upon specific request, to supply it.
We also pay particular attention to cleaning the refrigerator (s), with the use of sanitizing solutions that allow the complete elimination of unpleasant and nauseating odors.
Always at the specific request of the customer, we are able to sanitize and eliminate the most persistent stains even on carpet, with the aid of specific machinery and certified and absolutely harmless products based on alcohol and chlorine such as antibacterials and fungicides.
Our sanitizing treatments are carried out scrupulously by expert hands, preserving the interiors from everything that threatens the boat and its entire fabrics. There is adequate attention to the elimination of unpleasant odors, molds, stagnation of humidity and all types of corrosion.
Finally, the ventilation of the premises before delivery is essential and taken care of in time.

For 15 years we have been guaranteeing your boats the same standard reserved for our homes, that is a healthy, clean, sanitized and fragrant environment which translates into … Hygiene guaranteed!

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